GBG, Detected partner on automated biometric KYB checks


In response to the challenges posed by time-consuming and manual intervention in traditional know your business (KYB) processes, GBG has collaborated with Detected to introduce GBG Detected, a comprehensive biometric KYB platform designed to automate many business verification procedures.

In addition to automation, the platform is designed to deliver cost savings and enhanced operational efficiency, the company says. By cutting down on the time required for onboarding new businesses and validating their credentials, the software minimizes the workload on compliance teams.

“By combining our extensive identity verification capabilities and global identity data and document ecosystem with Detected’s innovative technology, we not only address the complex challenges posed by KYB today but empower businesses to grow with confidence,” says Gus Tomlinson, chief product officer of GBG.

GBG states that GBG Detected can be integrated with an organization’s customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

The integrated solution leverages GBG identity verification capabilities to offer know your customer (KYC) checks for company directors and ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs), as well as grant access to a broad spectrum of identity verification data from multiple countries. Those capabilities include selfie biometrics and liveness detection, politically exposed persons (PEP) and sanctions checks.

“Together, we can provide businesses with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of modern regulatory landscapes while ensuring a seamless and efficient onboarding process,” says Liam Chennells, chief executive officer of Detected.

Similar software is offered by Sumsub, which recently expanded the data sources to improve the accuracy and data quality during the business verification process.

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